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If you are transferring these benefits to someone else, please visit the step-by-step instructions for Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) under the Ch 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill section on this website.​
If you are using GI Bill benefits that were transferred to you, please click here for information on using Transferred GI Bill benefits.
Everyone else, please fill out all of the information below to request assistance from the NC National Guard Education Office in determining which GI Bill will be more beneficial for you to use in your situation.






First Name:* 
Last Name:* 
Last 4:* 
AKO/Enterprise Email Address:* 
Readiness NCO (RANK Last Name, First Name):* 
What is the name of the school want to attend:* 
Type of Degree you are pursuing(Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's):* 
Are you going to school solely online?:* 
Are you going to school Full-Time, 3/4 Time, 1/2 Time, or less?:* 
How much does your school charge per semester hour?:* 
How many semester hours are you taking?:* 
Have you been using the military's Federal or State Tuition Assistance Program(s) (yes or no):* 
Have you reached your max this fiscal year under the Federal Tuition Assistance Program (yes or no): 
Have you ever used any GI Bill benefits before?:* 
If so, which one & how many months:: 
Are you transferring GI Bill benefits to your spouse and/or depentents?:* 
Are you planning on staying in the military?:* 
Is this going to be your last Degree?:* 
If not, which Degree(s) are you later going to pursue: 
Additional Comments: