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 Adjusting or Revoking an Approved TEB Request

1. Use your CAC card, DoD Self-Service Logon, or DFAS pin (myPay) to log on to the DoD
Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) Web application.
When you click on the link to step 1, it will ask you which program you want to log-into. Choose Mil-Connect. Once logged in to Mil-Connect, click on the "Transfer of Education Benefits" link located on the far right-hand side of the screen.

When the Submit Transfer Request (Home) page displays, your family members are listed in
the table under the List of Family Members section. This will show which family members do and do not have GI Bill benefits already transferred to them.

2. To adjust months of benefit from a family member to another, locate the name of the appropriate family
member in the table and click edit or yes in the Transfer column. The Transfer Months page

3. On the Transfer Months page, specify a Transfer Begin Date, an optional Transfer End Date,
and the number of Transfer Months, then click OK. Repeat this process for each of your
family members.

4. Once you have transfer months assigned to each family member, you must submit your
transfer request for approval by doing the following in the Submit Transfer Request (Home)

Click the Submit Request button.

If the submission is successful, a Submit Confirmation page displays. Click the Return to
Editing button in this page to return to the Submit Transfer Request (Home) page.