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Army Soldiers can update their Civilian Education level by having their school send an Official copy of their transcript in a sealed envelope to:  NC National Guard Education Office
1636 Gold Star Drive
Raleigh, NC 27607
Once received, we will verify the transcript meets the requirements set forth MILPER Message # 10-109, AR 621-108 and our SOP for transcript verification & processing.
SOP Requirements
o received in the education office directly from the school or through a third party that has the
   school’s raised seal and/or indicates on the transcript that it is an official copy
o must arrive in the education office in its original sealed envelope
o school accreditation must be verified at the time you attended the school
Specific Requirements for Transcripts from a Foreign College/University
o Per AR 601-210 “Applicants completing High School or having College credits from foreign
   colleges or universities must have their documents evaluated and accredited by a state board
   of education or any degree granting college or university.”
o school conducting evaluation must be accredited at the time of evaluation and verified
o a copy will be accepted by our office only because the school or state board of education
   conducting the evaluation will keep the original
o to process a memorandum for Official use, the following is required: The school or the state
   board of education that evaluates the transcript must provide a copy of the transcript as well
   as a memorandum stating the number of semester hours completed, the major and whether
   or not a degree was awarded
o once all requirements have been met we will treat the transcript as Official and process it as
Once the transcript has met the requirements we will type up a Memorandum, send you an email with an attached copy of the memo & transcript, scan both documents into your IPERMS record, update your Civilian Education Level in SIDPERS, and file the original in the Education Office. 
Per our SOP unofficial transcripts received can NOT be used to update SIDPERS or IPERMS.
The NC National Guard Education Office can NOT combine your credit hours from two separate transcripts.