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 Solely Title 32 Eligible Service


The Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Improvements Act of 2010 expanded eligibility to include some periods of active duty service performed under Title 32. A special provision for Soldiers who were omitted from the original law and left the service after 01 August 2009 allows the option to transfer benefits to their spouse and/or dependents.

The Rules for this provision are as follows:

  • Service Member is only eligible for CH 33 due to Title 32 AGR Service being added towards eligibility
  • Retired between 01 August 2009 & 31 July 2011
  • Separated from Service with a DEERS-eligible dependent
  • Has NOT exhausted all of their GI Bill benefits
    Any Veteran who meets the above criteria can submit a request to the Army Board of corrections for Military Records (ABCMR) to have their CH 33 benefits transferred to their spouse and/or dependents. Please see chapter “4-3 ABCMR” below for further guidance.

 Veterans Who Were Unable to Complete TEB


The Army Board of Corrections for Military Records (ABCMR) has processed a number of applications from retired Soldiers who claimed to have attempted to transfer their CH 33 benefits to their spouse and or dependent(s) but were unable to complete the transaction. After coordinating with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G1, the ABCMR has generally accepted that confusion existed at Army Education Centers on the proper procedures to implement the program and that there was a high probability that some Soldiers were either NOT informed or were improperly informed of the ability to transfer unused CH 33 benefits to their spouse and/or dependent(s) during the period 01 August 2009 to 01 November 2009. After 01 November 2009, the Board presumes that program managers had received appropriate guidance and information and that all Soldiers were properly briefed on the program.


 Army Board of Corrections for Military Records (ABCMR)


Any Veteran who falls into one of the above categories and wants to transfer unused CH 33 benefits to their spouse and/or dependents MUST submit a case to the ABCMR.

The “Applicant’s Guide to Applying to the ABCMR” found on the ABCMR website answers a lot of questions including the process for submitting a case.

Public law requires that you submit your request for correction of military records within 3 years after the error or injustice occurs, or within 3 years after you discover the error or injustice.

Requests for ABCMR take an average of 4 months to process. When submitting a request to the ABCMR for TEB, please submit the following documentation:

·         DD Form 149 (Application for Correction of Military Record)
·         Retirement Orders
·         Statement from Veteran Making Request
·         CH 33 Eligibility Documents (DD 214, Active Duty Orders)
·         DEERS Information (showing eligible dependent, if you have it)
In section 5 of the DD Form 149, fill in the following information: “Transfer of Education Benefits to my Spouse and/or Dependent(s) prior to separation.”
If the ABCMR approves the request, please forward all supported documents to the NC National Guard Education Services office so that the information can be inputted into the database.

 Additional Information