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 Testing Available


AFCT: retake of the ASVAB

SIFT: Selection Instrument Flight Training

DLPT: Defense Language Proficiency Test


 NEW Procedures Prior to Testing

  1. Identify which test/exam you are going to take (indicated above as "Testing Available").
  2. Review the ESO Calendar of events and identify preferred testing dates.
  3. Complete a DA Form 4187 as indicated by the following:
    • Section I (2): MAJ Neely Mahoney, Test Control Officer, NGNC-PEG-EDS
    • Section I (3): Examinee's unit information
    • Section III (8): In the "Other" column, list type of exam wanting to schedule. For language examinees, enter "DLPT" and name of language (ex. DLPT (Spanish)).
    • Section III (9): Examinee's signature
    • Section III (10): Date examinee signed.
    • Section IV: Ensure the questions 1-7 below are addressed in the "Remarks" section. Only answer the questions that apply to you.
      1. Specific purpose for which retest is desired.
      2. Reasons previously attained scores are not considered valid.
      3. Extent of effort the person has made to improve his/her general ability and effectiveness in the ARNG since the last test was given.
      4. Date and score(s) attained on each previous test.
      5. Date Soldier is requesting to test (see ESO Calendar for available dates).
      6. Soldier's phone number and email address.
      7. Unit POC's name, phone number and email address.
    • NOTE: First and second retests may be accomplished on approval of the examinee's immediate Commanding Officer. Information regarding retests are found in AR 611-5, Chapter 3, paragraph 9.
    • Section V (11): Unit Commander/authorized representative is to check the "Is Approved" box.
    • Section V (12): Unit Commander/authorized representative's rank and name.
    • Section V (13): Unit Commander/authorized representative's signature.
    • Section V (14): Date Unit Commander/authorized representative signed.
  4. Send completed DA Form 4187 to SGT Cornelia Stahlhut, ATCO,
    • Ensure the DA 4187 is submitted to the ESO at least 14 calendar days prior to the desired test date.
  5. Fill out the additional information below:
First Name:* 
Last Name:* 
Last 4:* 
Primary MOS:* 
Phone Number:* 
Enterprise Email Address:* 
Civilian Email Address: 
Type of Exam (AFCT/SIFT/DLPT):* 
DLPT Examinees Only, List Type of Language (ie Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, etc): 
DLPT Examinees Only, where did you learn the language (home, military school, civilian education, etc.): 
List 2 Preferred Test Dates:* 
Reason for Requesting Exam (ie OCS/WOCS/MOS, etc):* 
Approximate Date Last Tested on Requested Exam:* 
Readiness NCO (Rank Last Name, First Name):* 
Readiness NCO Phone Number:* 
Readiness NCO Email Address:* 
Additional Comments: 

 Cancelation Policy


Our office relizes that from time to time circumstances arrise which can cause appointments to be canceled. When a circumstance such as this occurs please email the examiner, SGT Cornelia Stahlhut at as soon as possible so that the space can be made available to another examinee.

If you are scheduled to take an exam and fail to show up without making prior arrangements with the examiner, you will need to start the process over as indicated above.


     Additional Information

    • Upon completion of the required steps above, you will receive an email with your scheduled exam date & time. Do NOT show up for testing without having the above steps completed.


    • It is important to report on time for your exam in order to reduce interruptions in the testing room. All examinees are to bring their military ID to the test center for identification purposes. DLPT examinees are required to bring headphones for the listening portion of the exam.


    • Examinees will be given instructions prior to the exam. All exams are computer-based.


    • Most exams provide your test scores upon completion, which can be reviewed prior to your departure of the test center.


    • Members of the Army National Guard (ARNG) can expect test scores and DA Form 4187 uploaded into your iPERMS record within 72 hours upon completion of an exam.


    • Test scores can be emailed to Service Members of other branches through their official military email address.


    • Test will be updated into GoArmyEd within 72 hours upon completion of the exam if examinee has a GoArmyEd account.