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Like the Chapter 30(Active Duty) GI Bill, Chapter 1607 offers Soldiers to make an election to buy into a portion of this benefit thus allowing them to receive additional funding on top of their regular Chapter 1607 GI Bill benefit. This is a great benefit for Soldiers who do not have a GI Bill Kicker or for Military Technicians and AGR Soldiers since their Kickers are suspended. However, if you already have a Kicker, your Chapter 1607, buy-up, and your GI Bill Kicker can all be used in conjunction with each other.

Any Soldier in the National Guard/Reserves to include IRR and ING who is eligible for Chapter 1607 may at any time contribute up to $600 for the purpose of receiving an increased monthly payment rate.


 Soldiers Separating from the ARNG

ARNG Soldiers separating from the Selected Reserve (SELRES) to serve the remainder of their Military Service Obligation in the IRR are strongly encouraged to make their Buy-Up contribution BEFORE transferring to the IRR.

 Soldiers Currently IRR/ING

Once an ARNG Soldier has transferred to the IRR, the Soldier must contact the US Army Reserve to make their Chapter 1607 contribution. ARNG Soldiers that separated from the SELRES between 28 January 2008 and 22 December 2010 and returned to a civilian status may contribute to the Ch 1607 Buy-Up Program.

 How to Elect Buy-Up

Soldiers who wish to participate in the Chapter 1607 Buy-Up MUST qualify for the Ch 1607 GI Bill program and mail either a Certified Check or Money Order (no personal checks will be accepted) for not less than $20 and not more than $600 made payable to the “US Department of Treasury”, the completed REAP Buy-Up enrollment form, a copy of the DD 214 from their most recent deployment to:
ARNG Education Support Center
Attn: REAP Buy-Up Program
Box 46
Camp Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199
If multiple payments are made, the DD 214 should only be included with the first payment. The DD Form 2366-1 will be used for the Buy-Up Program until a new form is created for this purpose. The form will be clearly marked to indicate the contribution was paid into the REAP Buy-Up program. The ARNG GI Bill Support Team will email a copy of the DD Form 2366-1, DD 1131, and a photocopy of the Certified Check or Money Order to the Soldier’s AKO email account upon completion of the Buy-Up enrollment process. These documents will also be scanned into the Soldier’s IPERMS file. IT IS THE SOLDIER’S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO SUBMIT A COPY OF THE DD 2366-1, DD 1131, AND A COPY OF THEIR DD 214 TO THEIR VA REP AT THEIR SCHOOL TO RECEIVE THEIR BENEFITS. Soldiers are eligible to receive their additional Buy-Up payments beginning the first enrollment period after the contribution was made.

 Additional Information

At this time, the Reserve Component pay system does NOT allow Soldiers to make this contribution in the form of monthly allotments from military pay. Therefore, contributions must be made by Certified Check or Money Order (no personal checks will be accepted). The law allows contributions to be made in increments of $20; however, interested Soldiers are strongly encouraged to make a single lump sum payment of $600 in order to maximize benefit payments. For every $20 contributed the VA will increase the Soldier’s monthly Chapter 1607 payment by $5. A full $600 contribution will increase a Soldier’s monthly payment rate by $150. Soldiers utilizing the full 36 months of benefit will receive a total of $5,400 in Buy-Up payment increases for their $600 contribution. Rate increases are based on full-time attendance. Payments for less than full-time are pro-rated.