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 NOBE Request


Fill out all of the information below to request a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) for your Chapter 1606 (MGIB-SR) GI Bill benefits.

*Please note that NOBEs can only be emailed to your ako email address.



First Name:* 
Last Name:* 
Last 4:* 
AKO/Enterprise Email Address:* 
Readiness NCO (RANK Last Name, First Name):* 
Type of Degree you are pursuing(Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's):* 
Name of school you are attending/going to attend:* 
Are you going to school solely online?:* 
Are you going to school Full-Time, 3/4 Time, 1/2 Time, or less?:* 
Have you ever used any GI Bill benefits before?:* 
If so, which one & how many months:: 
Additional Comments: