1. Before Classes Begin     
  2. Are you in the NC National Guard? If you are not, contact your branch of service for contact info. Click Using Transferred GI Bill Benefits if you fall into that category. Continue if you are in the NC National Guard.
  3. Decide on a School; if unsure call our office for counseling
  4. Determine if you qualify for benefits through the Federal Tuition Assitance Program (FTA/GoArmyEd). ARMY ONLY.
  5. Determine if you qualify for benefits through the NC Tuition Assistance Program (NCTAP).
  6. Find out which GI Bill benefit is right for your situation. ARMY ONLY
  7. Request Joint Services Transcript be sent to your school. 
  8. Apply for admission through School & be accepted
  9. Register for Classes
  10. Apply for Federal Assistance for Student Financial Aid (FASFA)
  11. Apply for Scholarships
  12. Click on programs below for further steps:             
GPA Minimal Requirements
        GoArmyEd-2.0 in your GoArmyEd Account for Undergraduate Degrees (Certificate, Associate’s,
                                3.0 in your GoArmyEd Account for Graduate Degrees (Master’s)
        NCTAP-Students must be meeting SAP (satisfactory academic progress); SAP
has two components of measurement of student's progress at each
1)  GPA that a student must achieve at each evaluation (qualitative standard)
2)  Pace of progression to ensure completion within the maximum time frame - attempted hours versus completed hours and overall number of credits (quantitative standard)
       GI Bill-MUST be in good academic standing with your school
After the Semester has Ended
Keep in mind that you MUST apply for Federal Tuition Assistance each and every semester if you expect to receive it. NCTAP applications are only submitted once per the acedemic year which starts in 1 August (application covers fall, spring & summer terms). Neither the NC National Guard nor your school will complete your application for you. IT IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY