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 NCTAP Coursework Information


NCTAP Applications are considered incomplete and will NOT be processed until the appropriate coursework information has been sent in to the NCTAP Manager. COURSEWORK INFORMATION MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR EACH SEMESTER THAT NCTAP HAS BEEN REQUESTED FOR.

Coursework information can be submitted by one of the following two ways:
  1. Emailed to the NCTAP Manager at
    • Still MUST contain the information listed below.
  2. Submitted by filling out the requested information below.


Last Name:* 
First Name:* 
Last 4:* 
Current National Guard Component (Army or Air National Guard):* 
Preferred Email Address:* 
Primary Phone Number:* 
Name of School:* 
Type of Degree Currently Pursuing (Certificate, Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, etc.):* 
Course Name & Number (i.e. ENG 101)(LIST ALL CLASSES PER SEMESTER):* 
Total credits per Semester Hour:* 
Start Date (YYYY/MM/DD):* 
End Date (YYYY/MM/DD):* 
Total Cost of Tuition & Required Fees (excluding books) $:* 
By typing yes in the following block, I acknowledge that I successfully submitted my NCTAP application online through and understand submission of coursework information is NOT the same as completing the application:* 
Additional Comments: 

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