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CLIP ART Partnership


NCMVP is a voluntary Military/community cooperative partnership organized
 to allow service providers to engage in multi-service networking to help connect
 Servicemembers and Families to local Military and/or community resources.



 What are the Goals of NCMVP?

The primary goal of NCMVP is to strengthen Family assistance delivery systems especially in the event of mobilization, deployment, or natural disaster. NCMVP accomplishes this by leveraging the resources of all committee members. NCMVP encourages and provides ongoing training on a variety of topics, such as new Family Initiatives, Family Advocacy and Critical Incident Stress.

 How is NCMVP Structured?

NCMVP is a committee with shared leadership organized by regional areas. NCMVP meets on a bi-monthly basis and often rotates meeting locations.

 Who belongs to NCMVP?

NCMVP is comprised of community partners, educational partners, medical providers and business leaders from:
  • Military– All services, National Guard and Reserve Components
  • Government– City, State and Regional Agencies
  • Child, Youth, and School Services– Schools and recreation
  • Veteran Service Organizations
  • Other Community Agencies specific to your region; Red Cross, Salvation Army, Faith Communities, United Way

 Why Should I Get Involved

  • The NCMVP is an asset,
  • Receive up-to-date information,
  • Ability to network with key Family service providers and agencies
  • Establish important contacts which expands your service delivery well beyond the installation, armory, or reserve center
  • Create a network of experts who share knowledge and experiences in solving everyday challenges Servicemembers and Families encounter
  • Share training and professional development opportunities
  • Reduce duplication of efforts– work smarter not harder

 How Can I Get Invovled?

Participation is open to everyone who assists Service members and Families. Most NCMVP’s will function at a regional level. Call your local National Guard Family Programs office to attend an upcoming meeting. To find your local Family Programs Office visit our locations page.