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 What is Gray Area?

After you have received your 20 year letter and you have transferred to the Retired Reserves (prior to being eligible for retired pay) you are considered a Gray Area Retiree.
Benefits for Gray Area Retirees
Transferring to the Retired Reserves allows you and your family a “Retired Reserve” ID card (pink ID card). Your Retired Reserve ID Card allows you to:
· Tricare for Retired Reserves
· Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
· Access to military installations
· Commissary privileges
· PX/BX privileges (tax Free)
· Class VI access (beverages)
· Limited space available travel
· Post/Base theater
· You may wear your uniform on appropriate occasion
· For additional benefits see My Army Benefits in the link below
You will not:
Be paid while in the Retired Reserves (unless called to active duty)
Be entitled to Legal Assistance
Be entitled to Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI). However, you may convert your SGLI to VGLI

 Converting SGLI to VGLI

If you’re considering converting your SGLI to VGLI consider you have up to 120 days after transfer to the retired reserves to make the conversion
The link for VA Life insurance options can be found below:

 Tricare Retired Reserve

Tricare Retired Reserves is a premium based health plan for qualified Retired Reserve members, their families and survivors. To find out more click the link below: