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 Office Services & Functions


The North Carolina National Guard Education Office provides Soldiers and Airmen with a variety of services. Below are listed several of these services as well as POC's for office functions.

  • Counseling Service Members on how to get the most out of their benefits while earning a College Degree
  • Provide Testing for current ARNG members (ie. those who need to increase their ASVAB scores)
  • Manage GoArmyEd for Soldiers in the NCARNG
  • Provide general Education Briefings to units upon request
  • Manage NCTAP (NC Tuition Assistance Program) for Soldiers & Airmen in the NCNG
  • Processes College transcripts for both Officer & Enlisted Soldiers
  • Manage eligibility for various GI Bill programs that DOD determines eligibility in
  • Counseling for Service Members & Retiree's on transferring their GI Bill benefits to their spouse/dependent(s).

 How to get help


Welcome to the Homepage for the Education Services Office. Updates to individual programs are located on the ESO Message Board at the bottom of this page. Click on the appropriate item below for information pertaining to that program.

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 ESO Message Board

The ESO Message Board provides recent changes to programs or operating procedures in the NCNG Education Services Office. Review over each section for any recent changes to the program.
Federal Tuition Assistance Program (FTA/GoArmyEd):
Effective 24JUL14, all eligible tuition assistance (TA) requests must be submitted and APPROVED prior to the start date of class. This means, soldiers no longer have a seven day window after the start date to submit requests nor do GoArmyEd (GAE) administrators have 30 days from the start date of class to approve requests. Requests will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Please remember that if you require a course planner, it must be APPROVED before you can submit TA requests.

North Carolina Tuition Assistance Program (NCTAP):

All NCTAP Applications have been processed. Students can check the status of their application by following the steps on our website here.

Our office does not control when the State of NC will release funds to schools. When the State does release funding, the amount will display in the column labeled "disbursed/disbursement". If funding is disbursed but your school is showing no payment, the person with whom you are speaking may not be the same individual who handles payments from the NCTAP. You may need to speak with the Financial Aid Office. When inquiring, please ensure you tell them the NCSEAA adminsiters the NCTAP and awards and payment information will come through the NCSEAA portal.

Students need to check their CFNC preferred email if their application is still in a pending status . 

GI Bill Programs:
Due to a recent determination by the Department of Defense (DoD), Soldiers can no longer use Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) and GI Bill benefits (Chapters 1606 and 1607) for the same course.  Soldiers may use both FTA and GI Bill benefits during a semester, as long as they don't use both benefits for the same course.  Please contact our office or your VA School Certifying Official (SCO) for further information.
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General Information:
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ESO Main Phone Number: (984) 664-6272

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Student Loan Repayment Phone Number: (984) 664-6249

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