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The Montgomery GI Bill Selected-Reserve (MGIB-SR/Ch 1606) program established in 1985 expanded traditional education benefits to reservists for the 1st time. It was authorized by Public Law 98-525, which also set up the Chapter 30(MGIB-AD) GI Bill program.  Participants are members of the Selected Reserves, Army National Guard, or Air National Guard (IRR and ING do NOT qualify).
 o enlist/extend for 6 yrs after 30 June 1985
 o complete IADT (Basic Trng & AIT)
 o have a High School Diploma/GED
Disqualifying Factors
 o Service Member had the gained eligibility for the benefit in their current or previous branch of service & their benefits were terminated
Why benefits are suspended
o Service Member serves out 6-yr enlistment contract & leaves the Reserves/National Guard for 12 months/36 months for missionary purposes
o Service Member has 9 AWOLS periods & is awaiting possible Discharge Determination
o Service Member enters the AGR Program
o Service Member is currently receiving a ROTC Scholarship under Section 2107 of 10 U.S.C (not suspended if receiving Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) scholarship)
Why benefits are reinstated
o Service Member returns from their 1st break-in-service from the Reserves/National Guard within the required time-limit
o Service Member is determined a satisfactory participant
o Service Member leaves the AGR Program
Why benefits are terminated
o Service Member serves out 6-yr enlistment contract & leaves the Reserves/National Guard for more than 12 months/more than 36 months for missionary purposes
o Service Member has 2nd break-in-service from the Reserves/National Guard(IRR/ING count as a break-in-service)
o Service Member is Discharged due to AWOLs/unsatisfactory participation
o Service Member falls to complete 6-yr obligation with the Reserves/National Guard
o Service Member is separated from service because of a disability that was not the result of their willful misconduct & was incurred on or after the date they became eligible for Ch 1606
o Service Member was involuntarily separated between 1 Oct 1991 & 31 Dec 2001 & will retain eligibility for the remainder of their original eligibility period
Supporting Documents
o The only supporting document for the Ch 1606 GI Bill is a NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility). Please request a NOBE via the link below