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 CH 30 (MGIB-AD) Plus-Up Enrollment Request


NC National Guard Soldiers who have enrolled into the CH 30 GI Bill program and are still serving on Active Duty can send an email to the ARNG GI Bill Support Team with the information listed below in order to enroll into the Plus-Up Program.

NOTE: Current mobilized Soldiers must make a Lump sum payment for the full amount desired. Current AGR Soldiers enrolling in the benefit have the option to pay either by Lump sum or by Allotment (only available for the full $600).

Plus-Up requests are sent via email to the CH 30 Group Inbox at


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full SSN (no dashes)
  • State of Assignment (NC)
  • Enterprise Email Address
  • Date Started Active Duty Period of Service
  • Payment Option: "Lump-Sum" or "Allotment"
  • Following statement: "Yes, I accept the CH 30 (MGIB-AD) additional contribution/plus-up option."
  • Following statement: "I understand that the plus-up/additional contribution is not refundable and will not convert to the CH 33 (Post 9/11) GI Bill program."

 Additional Information