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 NC Tuition Assistance Program (NCTAP) Process


1. Confirm Eligibility Criteria

2. Apply for FTA using GoArmyEd (if applicable).

3. Set-up/Create a New Account in CFNC.

4. Add your social security number (ssn) to your CFNC Profile.


5.  Apply for NCTAP. Currently the 2014-15 Application is unavailable:

  • The 2014-15 application should be available in July 2014. As of now it is not yet available. Students can request that the State Educational Assistance Authority (SEAA) notify them via email when the 2014-15 application becomes available. The NCTAP Program Manager will NOT respond to inquiries as to when the 2014-15 application will become available.
    • To sign up for the email notification, students must go through the steps as they would when applying. When they reach the following message they need to click on "here" to sign up.
      • "The North Carolina National Guard Tuition Grant Program - (Apply Now) Providing funds to eligible National Guard service members pursuing higher education. The 2014-15 application should be available in July of 2014. You may click here to request that SEAA notify you when the 2014-15 application is available."

6. Submit your coursework information to the NCTAP Manager.


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