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 GoArmyEd Process


1. Confirm Eligibility Criteria

2. Create a student account at GoArmyEd

3. Follow the guidelines as outlined in the NEW STUDENT video in GoArmyEd

  • Note: when you enter your preferred email address in your GoArmyEd application, you can use the email address that you check often. It does not have to be your AKO/Enterprise email address.

4. Upload detailed course schedule thru eFile (each semester)

  • To upload documents through GoArmyEd, go to your homepage. Choose the "My Education Record" link. When this page opens, choose the "eFile" link. Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the directions to upload your documents from your computer.

5. Upload itemized invoice (cost verification) thru eFile (each semester)

  • This is a personalized bill/invoice, itemized to annotate tuition and fees for the term that you are applying for. Note that generic catalog tuition and fees documents will not be accepted as a cost verification document.

6. Upload student agreement

  • An authorized student agreement will have your name, the name of your college, the name of the degree you are pursuing, a list of the courses the college has already given you credit for, and your academic advisor's name, signature and contact information
  • The document cannot be in an alterable format.
  • Recommended format is .pdf or .tif.
  • Can be obtained from your home school admissions counselor/advisor.


 GoArmyEd Pocket Guide

 Additional Information