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​Military & Family Life Consultants
The Office of the Secretary of Defense reacted to the needs of soldiers and family during stressful times by providing counselors and financial counselors.
The Military and Family Life Consultant Counselors are required to have a minimum of 5 years experience and a Masters Degree in areas such a counseling, social works or similar disciplines. These counselors are available at no charge for service members and their families. Counseling services are private and confidential. In additional to counseling services Military and Family Life Consultant Financial Counselors are available to service members and their families at no charge.  


​Financial Counselor
Need Help With Financial Matters?
Military Family Life Consultant Program provides personal financial counseling to help you and your family manage your finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as education expenses, buying a home and planning for retirement.
Financial experts can guide you to take control of your finances, reduce money-related stress and overcome financial challenges of military life.
This service is free, anonymous and confidential. Take advantage of Personal Financial Counseling today by contacting North Carolina National Guard Military Family Life Consultant Personal Financial Counselor in your area or email 
This service is free and confidential.
Mr. Chip Jurgensen, CFP (919) 334-8313
Useful Resources for Military Money Matters
·         Military Money
·         Save and Invest
·         Practical Money Skills
·         USAA

 Family Life Consultants

  • Provides short term, situational, problem-solving counseling services to service members and their families
  • Provides psycho-education to help military service members and their families understand the impact of stress, deployments, family reunions following deployments and the stresses of military life
  • MFLC services augment existing military support services
  • Flexible service delivery (Outreach/Rotational and On-Demand)
  • Services can be provided on or off military installations
  • Services provided to individuals, couples, families, and groups
  • Children’s Support Program addresses military impact on children
  • MFLCs are mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic abuse and duty-to-warn situations
  • Services are otherwise confidential and private
John Alleman
Adult and Family Specialist
(919) 745-9635
Betty Steelman
Youth and Family Specialist
(919) 665-9178

 Can Advise On:

Personal Financial Counselors can advise you on:


·   Financial Planning for deployment and return to civilian life

·   Military benefits, pay and entitlements

·   Family budgets and spending plans

·   Credit management/credit cards

·   Debt liquidation

·   Student loans/tuition assistance

·   Insurance, mortgages and loans

·   Consumer rights

·   Taxes

·   Investments and basic estate planning

·   Veteran’s Benefits

·   Navigating state-related benefits

·   Getting connected with military and community support resources






 Key Facts

  • Anger Management
  • Communication
  • Relationship Issues
  • Productivity at Work
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Parenting
  • Decision Making Skills


  • Deployment Stress
  • Coping Skills
  • Relocation Adjustment
  • Loss & Grief
  • Homesickness
  • Separation
  • Building Resiliency
  • Reintegration: Warrior to Citizen