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Kids on Guard
Many of your children have participated in our Operation Kiddies/Kids on Guard Program over the past three years. You’ve witness first-hand the enjoyment that your child receives being with other military children, experiencing many of the things their Soldier does and just having FUN. In 2007, we had 412 children to attend our program and the creation of the Operations Kids on Guard 501(c) 3 non-profit organization to support it.
Because of your overwhelming response and support of Operation Kiddies/Kids on Guard, we will have events scheduled for 2012 throughout our state. In 2007 we hosted our “first” overnight weekend camp in conjunction with the Marriage Enrichment Retreats. The weekend was a success to both parents and children and we plan to do this again this year. New this year will be our revamped Kiddies on Guard Program. Lots of new activities for child and parent!
For those of you who are first-timers to Operation Kiddies/Kids on Guard, our day drills allows your child (birth-4 Kiddies and ages 5-15 for Kids) to spend time with North Carolina National Guardsmen (in uniform) and learn what they do, places they have traveled to, training required and the equipment they use. Our day drill is “VERY” hands on with the children interacting with military equipment (trucks, helicopters, gear, night vision goggles, etc). Our weekend camps will expose your child to sleeping in tents on military cots, going thru the “chow” line. Also, the child will be doing field exercises such as the obstacle course, rappelling from a tower, climbing wall, land navigation, first aid and many more exciting “military-type stuff”. There is 24-hour adult supervision and separate sleeping quarters for boys and girls.
Volunteers (soldiers, retirees, parents) are always needed. Our program would not be what is today without YOU!!!!
Day drill Registration Form, Statement of Understanding and Release for a Minor Child should be mailed or faxed to the appropriate FAC Specialist. Please click here for a listing of the FAC Specialist and their contact information. You will receive confirmation for the event by phone or email.

 Military Kids are Stars!

The North Carolina National Guard Family Readiness Program has listened to the concerns of our military families on how their children were handling being a military child and developed the Operation Kids on Guard program. Operation Kids on Guard is a FUN & EDUCATIONAL program for military children ages 5-18 that is held as a day or weekend drill at Guard armories or training sites. Soldiers and Airmen volunteer in uniform to teach the children about basic drill & ceremony, military occupations, and military training. They share pictures of places they have served and allow the children to ask questions, express thoughts, and share their feelings. They also bring in hands-on equipment or setup static displays, such as helicopters, humvees, tanks and trucks, to provide the children an understanding of the types of equipment their loved one may use in the military. The weekend, overnight drills give military children a chance to engage in challenging activities like sportsmanship, land navigation, rappel tower and rocketry. The children also sleep in tents and go through the chow line just like their military loved one. Kids on Guard is a support system for military kids where they make friends, find battle buddies, and gain strength from other MILITARY KIDS just like them. The kids take away a better understanding of military life and learn just how prepared their loved one is to serve in the National Guard.

 Toddlers Serve, Too!

The North Carolina National Guard Family Readiness Program understands the need to serve all military children. The Kiddies on Guard Program has been re-designed to serve our youngest military children (birth – 4). The goal of the program is to provide young children, while they play, an opportunity to talk about their feelings when their loved one is away on military duty and to instill a sense of American pride in these future leaders. Kiddies on Guard is a valuable resource for our YOUNGEST military children and their loved ones. The program is designed to provide positive “play” for the children in a military environment where they can see our special NCNG Kiddies on Guard Puppet Show dealing with deployment and separation, participate in interactive activities with our staff and” you”. We will offer lots of arts and crafts to do. They will also learn how to march, salute and stand in formation. We will have many hands on things (cots, mess kit, flak jacket, web belt, other items used in the field) for them to play with. There will be military vehicles they can sit in. Playing and having fun with other children affords a wonderful opportunity to have positive exposure to a military environment. Volunteer, uniformed Soldiers and Airmen participate in this program explaining their jobs and responsibilities in the Military. Children easily relate to these Soldiers and Airmen because they have the same uniforms as their loved one. Family members also volunteer their time and talents in the program in order to help create a FUN, POSITIVE, EDUCATIONAL, INTERACTIVE Military day for the youngest members of our Guard Family



To volunteer for an event please fill out a day drill registration form, statement of understanding and release for a minor child and mail or email them to the appropriate FAC Specialist.








​To register for an even please fill out the Mail or Email Completed forms to:

NC National Guard Family Programs

ATTN: Child & Youth Program Coordinator

101 Armory Dr.

Clinton, NC 28328

Phone: 800 621-4136 Ext.14761


2014 KOG Day Drill Application.doc2014 KOG Day Drill Application.doc

2014 KOG Overnight Camp Application.doc2014 KOG Overnight Camp Application.doc



Operation Kids on Guard is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please send your check or money order to:
Operation Kids on Guard
PO Box 32127
Raleigh, NC 27622