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Emotional Needs
Preparing your family emotionally for military life and deployments is an ongoing process and may seem overwhelming at times. The North Carolina National Guard Family Programs strives to assist family and service members with some of the stresses through websites.


  • Let’s Take A Trip – A guide for Children Ages 2-4 that helps them cope with deployment.  This can be used in conjunction with the Preschool Guide provided by Operation Ready.
  • My Goodbye Book – A tool for children ages 3-5 to help them cope with deployments.
  • The Army Separation Guide Color Book is a good tool for Children ages 6-9.
  • My Travel Trunk – For children ages 5-7 is a guide which helps young children think of military duty as a way to work together, to learn new things and to grow.
  • Travel Journal-Is for children ages 8-10. This guide shows ways to create a journal to help your child through a parents deployment with ways to handle separation, stay in touch with mom or dad, cope while they are away and how to prepare for their return.
  • There is an Army Separation Guide Coloring Book for school age children too.
  • Trip Ticket – Is tailored for ages 11-12 with idea, activities and suggestions on the ways that military separations affect youth the same age (mentally, emotionally and physically).
  • Travel Pack-are available for teens ages 13-18. This pack is for any teen that has a family member in National Guard and is facing deployment. It assists them on their  journey through the deployment process and offers some help that will make the time apart easier.

For more coping methods and activities parents may use age specific Emotional Activities. Activity books can be downloaded here and can be found on the NCNG Joint Services website under the Resources Section.





Military One Source: Click here 

Seame Streetbrings families kits which help children between the age of 3-5 years old cope with feelings, challenges and concerns experience through the various stages of deployment. The Kit comes with a DVD, a parent/caregiver magazine and a poster. To get your kit today visit the website


Be Ready and Well with the Family Programs extensive deployment guide which highlights deployments and the effect it has on youth. The guide includes thorough checklists and information about how to help your child/ren cope with these impact. Click Youth Deployment Guide to download and view.


If you child is younger than three and organization called Zero to Three has resources available to help support he healthy development of infants, toddlers and their families. If you are interested in knowing more about Zero to Three visit their website at