Officer Candidate School
Officer Candidate School (OCS) is premier leadership training that prepares you to serve as a commissioned officer.  OCS will challenge you physically and mentally as it molds you into the finest caliber of leader.
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CPT David Nemecek 
OCS Recruiter

 Prerequisites Traditional OCS:
1. Starting 1 October 2011 all candidates must have 90 college credits (semester hours) on one transcript to start any Phase of OCS (Traditional or Accelerated), 90 (semester hours) to graduate/commission (no waivers)
2. Able to finish OCS prior to age 42 (no waivers)
3. Able to obtain a secret security clearance – must have full clearance prior to the start of OCS Phase I, no interim clearances (no waivers)
4. US citizen, no dual citizenship (no waivers)
5. Meet height/weight standards (no waivers)
6. Pass standard APFT
7. Pass Chapter 2 Commissioning physical
8. 110 GT score (retesting available, no waivers)
9. Complete Basic Training or equivalent from other branch of service (no waivers)
10. Waivers required for all convictions of misdemeanor or worse and serious traffic offenses (i.e., DUI/DWI), previous discharges with a characterization of anything besides Honorable (except Uncharacterized discharge from BCT/AIT), and previous discharge for family care plan/dependency issues; waivers must be approved prior to OCS Phase I
Prerequisites Federal OCS:
Same prerequisites for traditional OCS AND:
1.) Must have already completed a Bachelor's Degree
2.) Must be NON-Prior service
3.) Must commission prior to their 34th birthday
4.) No waivers will be granted for Federal OCS
5.) Must contact an enlisted recruiter to enlist with the Federal OCS option 
Training Dates and Deadlines:
OCS applications are due no later than three weeks prior to the first Pre-OCS drill of the course you want to attend.  The earlier applications are submitted, the better.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
· Four months of Pre-OCS drills are held prior to each course.  The final Pre-OCS drill of each cycle is mandatory.
· Traditional OCS is 14 months, June thru August: two weeks for Phase I, one year of one weekend/month drills for Phase II, and two weeks for Phase III.
· Winter Accelerated is eight weeks, January thru March at Fort McClellan, Alabama.
· Summer Accelerated is eight weeks total.  Phase I is two weeks in June at McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC.  There is usually a week break between Phase I and Phase II, during which Summer Accelerated Candidates return to their homes.  Phases II thru III are six weeks June thru August at Fort McClellan, Alabama.
OCS Candidates are branched by a Career Management Board (CMB) a few weeks prior to OCS graduation.  The CMB considers each Candidate’s top three branch choices, performance in OCS, and Home of Record, along with the needs of the North Carolina Army National Guard, when assigning branches.
Upon completion of OCS, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Ideally, you will report for your branch-specific training, BOLC-B (Basic Officer Leader Course – B), within three months after OCS.  However, the time between OCS and BOLC-B varies due to training seat availability.  BOLC-B typically takes three to six months to complete, depending on your branch.  You will be a resident student on an Active Duty installation for the duration of BOLC-B.
The following branches are available in North Carolina through OCS:
·       Adjutant General (Human Resources):
·       Armor:
·       Aviation:
·       Chemical:
·       Engineer:
·       Field Artillery:
·       Financial Management:
·       Infantry:
·       Military Intelligence:
·       Military Police:
·       Medical Service:
·       Ordnance:
·       Quartermaster:
·       Signal:
·       Transportation: