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 Enlistment Options (enlisted only)

Enlistment Options-To Help You Get Ahead  GED Plus lets you earn your diploma through the Guard.
If you left high school without a diploma, you can still join the Guard under the GED Plus Program. Our GED Testing Service will help you pass your GED exam while the Guard pays for tutoring in Language, Math, Science and Social Studies-while you earn your Guard pay. Learn more about GED Plus.
Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) combines ROTC, the Guard and tuition.
With the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), you participate in both the Guard and your college's ROTC ROTC:
Reserve Officers' Training Corps is a college elective that allows you to earn a commission straight out of college as a second lieutenant in the Army. The course consists of both academic classes and hands-on training.
ROTCX program at the same time. Get up to 100% tuition plus a cash bonus and monthly allowance, and get paid to drill once a month with your Guard unit. Check out SMP.
Split Training Option lets you join the Guard in high school.
Enlist following your junior year, attend Basic Combat Training, then drill one weekend a month during your senior year. After graduation, you'll start Advanced Individual Training Advanced Individual Training:
(AIT) Following Basic Training, Soldiers attend AIT to learn a military job skill. Depending on the specialty, training ranges from 1 month to 1 year and, in most cases, be home in time to start college. Learn more about the Split Training Option.
Patriot Academy gives you a second chance to earn your diploma.
Finish your high school diploma in a military academy setting at the Patriot Academy. Get full academic credit plus gain valuable military skills. You'll enter Advanced Individual Training with a real advantage and an opportunity to become a true leader. Look into the Patriot Academy.

 Am I Eligible?

Am I eligible to join the National Guard?
 Most people between the ages of 17 and 35 are eligible to join the National Guard. However, we do have strict guidelines. Read on to see if you meet the minimum requirements, as well as the physical, education and aptitude requirements for Guard service.  
Minimum Requirements
To qualify for enlistment into the National Guard, you need to: 
*Be between the ages of 17 and 35* (unless you have prior U.S. military service, certain linguistic skills or a specialized professional skill, such as a chaplain, lawyer or certain medical specialties) *Be a U.S.
citizen or a legal permanent resident alien *Meet necessary medical requirements and moral requirements.

 MOS Spotlight



Motor tansport Operator 88MThe United States Armed Forces own and operate over
 50,000 heavy trucks and buses. It's up to the Motor Transport
 Operators to operate all types of vehicles over different roads
and terrain, traveling alone or in convoys in support of combat
operations. Motor Transport Operators drive everything from
sedans, buses and troop transports to water/fuel tank trucks and
 semi-tractor trailers.