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Raleigh DA Photo Reservation 30 Minutes.
STATESVILLE DA PHOTO  Sep. 18, 2015  10am- 3pm
345 Hartness Rd, Statesville, NC 28677 map
(Closes for Weather Advisory)                        
The slot will then be reserved with a pending (green) status, once the appoint is approved it will turn blue.
Please be advised the PAO Visual Information shop also conducts photo missions for all of the North Carolina National Guard. Days may be blocked off to conduct missions and training. If a section of time says closed or on mission, do not schedule an appointment during that time, even if someone already has.
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 Raleigh DA Photo Studio

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  Matthew Fay
  Robert G Taylor
  1LT Dendrick Gamble
  Brenda Michelle Adams
  Marilyn B. Banks
  William E. Barnett

 Studio Rules

1.  Uniform appearance is an individual responsibility.  The Photographer is NOT responsible for your dress and appearance.  Please come with uniform IAW AR 670-1.  The Photographer will not correct you.  If there
is a glaring mistake such as missing Regimental Crest, the photographer will cancel the appointment and have you reschedule.
2.  Due to the layout of our new area, there is no place to change in
the studio. Please come already dressed or use the bathrooms located across from the elevators to change.
 3. Please do not walk around the studio as it host several offices.  Let the person at the first desk know you are here and they will get the photographer. 


How Do I Get There?
The DA Photo Studio  JFHQ is located at the Joint Forces Headquarters 1636 Gold Star Drive, Raleigh NC  27607 (located behind the Claude T Bowers Center at 4105 Reedy Creek Rd Raleigh, North Carolina 27607). We are located on the second floor follow the sign for the 382 PAD.  
If you need immediate service, and live closer to the following location, please contact:
Fort Bragg DA Photo Center
Fort Jackson, SC DA Photo Center

 What to Wear

What Do I Wear?
Per AR -640 5.c  the only Authorized uniforms for DA Photos are Class A Greens and the new ASU and other uniform will be denied. Shoes and headgear are not needed. All permanent awards, including State awards, ARE to be worn. Soldiers are responsible for making sure that their uniforms are squared away. It is highly recommended that you carry your uniform with you and change at the latrines on the facilities. Command Photos are taken in ACUs. Official guidance for wear of uniforms can be found at:,-Training-and-Mobilization/DA-Photo.aspx.

 Whom is Required a DA Photo


All Officers, Warrant Officers, and NCOs of the rank E6 and above must have a current DA Photo on file.

If you have been promoted, received a major award, or your photo is more than 5 years old, than it needs updating.

 Some boards require that your DA Photo be an even more recent one.

Soldiers will not receive a physical copy of their photo, and their image will be uploaded to the DAPMIS system. Upon acceptance through AKO/DA photo link, it will become your official DA Photo in your IPERMS file.

What is the difference between a DA Photo and Other Photos If you are an E-5 and below  and your chain of command is requesting a package for a promotion board or awards board this is NOT an Official DA Photo and has to be obtained at the Solider/Airmen own expense at a local photo studio or by a professional photographer.
















 Whom can take a DA Photo

AR 640-30 states that a Official DA Photo must be taken at a DA Photograph Management Information System (DAPMIS) approved facilities by a photographer whom has a DAPMIS account.  Photographers taken at other locations or by an unauthorized photographer can NOT be turned in and uploaded into DAPMIS by JFHQ or any DAPMIS facility.

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