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RALEIGH, N.C. – North Carolina National Guard (NCNG) has deployed more than 100 Soldiers for State Active Duty, several Humvees and other high-water vehicles to the Kinston NCNG Armory on order from Governor Pat McCrory in case Hurricane Arthur threatens life and property of N.C. Citizens.
            “The safety of our citizens and visitors is our first priority,” said McCrory.
The North Carolina Division of Emergency Management (NCEM) directs all Guard disaster response missions.  The Soldiers serve in Force Packages deployed to support local civil authorities.  These packages match preselected, trained experts in specific fields with needed equipment for quick deployment at an economical cost.
“We are not taking this lightly,” said Director of NCEM Michael Sprayberry.
            The Guard can deploy Soldiers and Airmen who are specialists in evacuation operations, security, logistics, supply distribution, emergency communications, power generation and other critical disaster response. Leaders with NCEM will determine exactly how many Guard personnel are needed, what equipment they will bring, where to use them and for how long.
If needed, the Guard can expand operations throughout affected areas.
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