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​All read the below medical warning from the SMA's Officer below:

Senior Leaders,
As you may be aware, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published guidance last week for the
public to stop using any dietary supplement labeled as OxyElite Pro.  This
was done in response to over two dozen cases of acute hepatitis in Hawaii
that are linked with this product since April of this year.
We have posted this warning to the Army Public Health Command's website,
Facebook page, Twitter feed and provided it to the ACOM Surgeons. We're
currently working with the Navy, Air Force and DOD to implement a broader
warning as our Soldiers may not have seen these warnings.
We will also be participating in an investigation with the CDC, FDA and
Hawaii Department of Health and other Services on the acute hepatitis and
liver failure of individuals who may have taken OxyElite Pro. 
As a precaution, the DOD has ordered the removal of any OxyElite Pro
products from bases, typically the GNC concessions.
We have not identified any Soldiers. Or Army family members who may have
been injured by this product to date, but continue to evaluate health
outcome data.  There have been two anecdotal reports (one USAF and one USMC)
of Service Members who suffered acute hepatitis linked with this product.
Soldiers and their families who have been using this product should stop
immediately.  If they believe they have been harmed by the use of this
product should contact their health care provider.  Health care providers
are asked to report any adverse events related to the use of OxyElite Pro to
the FDA's MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Reporting Program at
FDA Guidance:
We continue to encourage Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS) through
available communication channels so that all Service members can make
informed decisions about supplement use.
OPSS Mobile Apps:
LTG Horoho