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Print Military Grant Program for Children of Deployed Soldiers and Airmen

​See message below concerning Military Grant Program for deployed Soldiers and Airmen:

Dear National Guard Families,
Our Military Kids ( wants to help your family through this deployment.  If you have a child ages 5 to 18 whose parent is currently deployed overseas with the National Guard (180-day deployments for Army, 120-day deployments for Air), your child is eligible for a grant.  The grants, which can be up to $500, will pay for up to six months of an extracurricular activity of your choice. This includes sports, fine arts, and tutoring programs – almost any activity other than religious programs, daycare, and private school tuition.
The process is simple.  Visit our website and select the appropriate one-page application <> .  Once you download and complete the application, send it to us – along with copies of three supporting documents:
1) A copy of the Title 10 deployment orders;
2) A form of ID for your child that proves dependency to the service member – we accept a Military ID, birth certificate, or 1172 DEERS form;
3) Fee/pricing information that clearly states the cost of the activity of your choice – a flyer, brochure, invoice, etc.
After we receive your application and documents, a check is sent within 14 days directly to the service provider of the activity.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page <> .  If you don’t see an answer to your question, call our office at (703) 734-6654.  Keep in mind – we can only provide grants to children with a parent who is currently deployed – if your service member has yet to deploy, or has already returned home, the child is not eligible.
Our Military Kids looks forward to recognizing our littlest warriors for their service to our country!
Michelle L. Nelson
Director of Family Programs and Military Outreach
6861 Elm Street, Ste. 2A
McLean, VA 22101
Office: 703-734-6654
Fax:      703-734-6503