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Joint Operations Center

The North Carolina National Guard runs a Joint Operations Center (JOC) to answer our state, and nations call.  You can reach us anytime  at the below numbers

Toll Free:  800-621-4136 ext 6426 or 6531

Commercial: 919-664-6426 or 919-664-6531

DSN: 582-9426 or 582-9531


 Morale Calls


Morale Calls,

If you are a NC National Guardsman you can call the below DSN and contact local area codes or follow the prompt for a 800 number that you allows you to utilize a calling card with US rates.

 For the 919 area code DSN 312-582-9837

For the 704 area code dial DSN 312-231-4100 option 9

Send a FAX

  NOTE:   Depending upon the model of fax machine being used, it may be necessary to place the fax machine in a “monitor” mode before sending a fax.  Because different fax machines have different requirements for sending faxes, it is assumed the customer knows how to fax from their specific fax machine.

1. Place the documents(s) to be faxed into the fax machine.

2. If necessary, place the fax machine in a "monitor" mode.

3. Dial 919-664-6001 using whatever number code may be necessary to get an outside line

4. The telephone will be answered and a voice asks for the five digit extension to which the fax is being sent.

5. If necessary, press the "Start" button on the fax machine.

6. The fax is sent.


Joint Forces Headquarters Mailing Address:

 1636 Gold Star Dr

Raleigh, NC 27607

Phone: 919-664-6000