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Title 10 Program

​                                               Title 10 AGR Program


The ARNG Title 10 AGR Program provides highly qualified ARNG soldiers to meet the support needs of the ARNG. Title 10 soldiers actively participate in the formulation, coordination, and administration of policies, plans, programs, and regulations pertaining to the ARNG.
Title 10 AGR tours are available in many locations nationwide and worldwide. For more information, visit the ARNG web site at, and click on the “Soldier Resources” link. This page includes announcements of available tours plus detailed application instructions.
Basic qualifications for entry in the Title 10 AGR program include:
  • Applicants must meet Chapter 3 retention standards of AR 40-501.
  • Soldiers must be able to complete at least five years on active duty prior to completing 18 years of Active Federal Service (AFS) or reaching the Mandatory Removal Date (MRD) based on age or service.
  • Soldiers must possess a valid security clearance as required for the AGR duty position.
  • Active Duty and USAR applicants must include a letter of intent with their applications which indicates their intent to join the NCARNG.
  • Soldiers must have served a minimum of four years in the ARNG (this requirement may be waived by the NGB Title 10 Staff Management Office.
  • Officer applicants in the grade of 1LT or WO1 and below will not be accessed into the Title 10 program unless they have the specific and critical technical skills required for the position. Captains should have a minimum of three years time-in-grade, have had a successful company command, and should have completed CAS3. Exceptions will be based solely on the needs of the Title 10 program.
  • Applicants must meet other entrance requirements of Table 2-1, AR 135-18. Table 2-2, AR 135-18, includes disqualifications that may be waived for entry in AGR status.
  • NOTE: All applications for ARNG Title 10 AGR tours must be forwarded through the NCNG Human Resources Office (HRO-MD) for review and approval. For officer applicants, the Adjutant General will review and approve applications before they are forwarded to NGB. The State Command Sergeant Major will review and approve enlisted applications.

Forward applications to:

Office of the Adjutant General,
Attention: HRO-MD (SFC Tyndall)
4105 Reedy Creek Road
Raleigh, NC 27607-6410.

POC for further information is:

SFC Jane Tyndall
800-621-4136 x6455
or email