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​Officer Employment Program
The NC National Guard has partnered with employers throughout North Carolina to provide more opportunities for you, our leaders.
apply for a job at a partnered organization and meet the minimum requirements for the position, you are guaranteed a preferred interview!
What the OEP is doing for you…
Reaching out to civilian employers across the state to help YOU find employment!
To participate, you need to be ROTC, in OCS/WOCS, or already an Officer. If you have any questions our contact information can be found below:
What we need:
  • Partners in the civilian sector that can provide opportunities for National Guard Officers.
  • A signed statement of support for the OEP program.
What the Employer gets from the NG and our Officers:
  • **Free advertising on the NCNG website; your company will be listed as a NG supporter.**
  • Trained, Tested leaders
  • Good communication skills (written, listening, and verbal)
  • Reliable and flexible
  • High motivation
  • Good work ethic
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Professional attitudes
What you agree to:
  • To give North Carolina Army National Guard Officers (leaders with degrees) a preferred interview when they apply for employment and meet the minimum
How to participate:

 Contact Information

Major Joel C. Eberly
Chief of Officer Procurement
Office: (919) 664 – 6503