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Human Resources Office
The Human Resources Office (HRO) is responsible for coordinating human resource policy, practices, and procedures as they relate to full-time federal employees in the North Carolina National Guard. The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date information to the full-time members of the Army and Air National Guard.

 Army Tech Vacancies

AASF #1, MorrisvilleEnlisted (E7 & below)WG-8852-10Excepted, Statewide25 Sep 14
AASF #1, MorrisvilleEnlisted (E7 & below)WG-8852-11Excepted, Statewide26 Sep 14
J9-ID Cards, CharlotteEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-0203-07Excepted, Statewide26 Sep 14
FMS #2, LenoirEnlisted (E7 & below)GS-1152-07Excepted, Statewide26 Sep 14
CSMS, RaleighEnlisted (E7 & above); Warrant OfficerWS-5801-12Excepted, Statewide30 Sep 14
J5, RaleighOfficer (O5 & below)GS-0340-12Excepted, Statewide02 Oct 14
Co C 1-131 AVN BN, SalisburyEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-0203-06Excepted, Statewide03 Oct 14
G4, RaleighOfficer (O2-O3)GS-1601-12Excepted, Nationwide (Current ARNG members only)03 Oct 14
USPFO, Raleigh(Dual Status) Enlisted (E6 & above); Warrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-1102-7/9/11Excepted, Nationwide (Dual Status); Current On-Board Technicians (Non-Dual Status Only)10 Oct 14
AASF #1, MorrisvilleEnlisted (E8 & below)WG-8852-11Excepted, Statewide16 Oct 14
AASF #1, MorrisvilleEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-2005-05Excepted, Statewide16 Oct 14
USPFO, RaleighEnlisted (E4-E7)GS-2005-07Excepted, Statewide16 Oct 14

 Air Tech Vacancies

145th LGR, CharlotteEnlistedGS-2003-09Excepted, Nationwide29 Sep 14
145th AW, CharlotteOfficerGS-2183-11/12Excepted, Nationwide03 Oct 14
145th AW, CharlotteEnlistedWG-8268-11Excepted, Nationwide16 Oct 14

 Army AGR

AGR-FTM 2014-62Human Resource NCO42A2OJFHQ-NC-HHD, G1 APSRaleigh, NCSGT/E522 Sep 14
AGR-FTM 2014-63Training NCO15P3OHHC 1-130th ARBMorrisville, NCSSG/E6 (SGT/E5)22 Sep 14
AGR-FTM 2014-65Readiness NCO88M3ODET 1, 1450th TRANS COWest Jefferson, NCSSG/E6 (SGT/E5)10 Oct 14
AGR-FTM 2014-66OPNS NCO/ Digital Master Gunner13P4OHHB (-) 5TH BN, 113TH FALouisburg, NCSFC/E7 (SSG/E6)11 Oct 14
AGR-FTM 2014-67Training/Logistics Supply NCO15T3ODET1, D CO, 1-131ST AVSalisbury, NCSSG/E6 (SPC/E4 with WLC)11 Oct 14
AGR-FTM 2014-68Bilateral Affairs OfficerBranch ImmaterialJFHQ-J5 (SPP)Raleigh, NCMAJ/O4 (CPT/O3) CURRENT AGR ONLY11 Oct 14
AGR-FTM 2014-70Readiness NCO91C3ODet1, 626th MAINT CONewton, NCSSG/E6 (SGT/E5)16 Oct 14
AGR-FTM 2014-52Recruiting and Retention NCOImmaterialNCARNG REC & RET BNVarious Duty Locations StatewideSFC/E7 (SPC/E4 with WLC)31 Dec 14

 Air AGR

ANG-AGR 2014-17Security Forces Journeyman3P051145 SFSCharlotte, NC SSgt/E526 Sep 14
ANG-AGR 2014-18Electronics Technician3D1XX235th ATCSNew LondonMSgt/E726 Sep 14
ANG-AGR 2014-19Air Traffic Control Specialist (Terminal)1C100, 1C171, 1C191235th ATCSNew London, NC TSgt/E-626 Sep 14
ANG-AGR 2014-20Air Traffic Control Specialist (Terminal)1C100, 1C171, 1C191235th ATCSNew London, NCSSgt/E-526 Sep 14

 Title 10/Nationwide

NWA AGR-FTM 2014-18Electronics Technician3D1XX235th ATCSNew London, NCMSgt/E726 Sep 14
T10-030914-02Deputy Commander01AJoint Task Force North (JTF-N)Fort Bliss, TXCOL/O630 Sep 14
T10-130314-01T10 AGR Open TourImmaterialWorldwideMAJ/O4 (CPT/O3 w/ HCM Exception)31 Dec 15


ADOS-2014-04.docxRear Detachment Commander11A/19A INF or ARM Only1st BN 120th INF REGWilmington, NCCPT/O330 Sep 14

 HRO Links and Assistance

Presentation assisting with writing government resumes
Assistance with applying to an AGR Position
Assistance and information about the Officer Employment Program