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Human Resources Office
The Human Resources Office (HRO) is responsible for coordinating human resource policy, practices, and procedures as they relate to full-time federal employees in the North Carolina National Guard. The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date information to the full-time members of the Army and Air National Guard.


Retirement Memo from DARNG

Planning for retirement is a process, not an event. At least 12 months before leaving active-duty status, Soldiers need to start making the transition, and they and their families need support during that transition. Attached is ​a memorandum from DARNG regarding retirement services and resources.

Unemployment Compensation Form for Federal Technicians

​Furloughed technicians may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. To file take the appropriate form to the employment Security Commission. there are separate forms for Army and Air Force Employees. The forms are attached to this announcement. Click the title and select the appropriate form in PDF format. the Notice of Furlough Memorandum is also included.



Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Public Law 111-148, and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, require all citizens to maintain minimum essential health coverage (MEC) for themselves and all dependents they may claim on their tax return. Effective 1 January 2014, individuals who fail to maintain coverage will be assessed a monetary penalty when they file their Federal tax return, unless they qualify for an exemption. Health insurance coverage under programs such as Federal Health Benefits (including Temporary Continuation of Coverage), Medicare, TRICARE, and Children’s Health Insurance Program meets the MEC requirement.  

For following links provide additional information on Affordable Care Act requirements: 
For more information, please contact your local Human Resources Office.
Application Manager Update for USAJOBS

Beginning 27 April 2013, all applicants will access Application Manager by first signing in to their USAJOBS account. Applicants that do not have a USAJOBS account will need to create one to complete their applications online. Since applicants' information will transfer seamlessly from USAJOBS to Application Manager, the Main, Edit Profile, and Username/Password pages will be removed from the Application Manager interface.


 Army Guard Tech Vacancies

J9-SARC, Raleigh19 May 2014Enlisted (E6 ONLY)GS-0301-09Excepted, Statewide
AASF #1, Morrisville21 April 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)GS-2102-08Excepted, Statewide
FMS #7, Winston-Salem21 April 2014Enlisted (E7 & below)WG-5801-10Excepted, Statewide
MATES, Ft. Bragg21 April 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)WG-5801-10Excepted, Statewide
FMS #2, Lenoir28 April 2014Enlisted (E7 & below)WG-6904-06Excepted, Statewide
FMS #2, Lenoir28 April 2014Enlisted (E7 & below)WG-2604-11Excepted, Statewide
AASF #12 May 2014Warrant Officer (CW2 & above); Officer (O4 & below)GS-2181-13Excepted, Statewide
MATES, Ft. Bragg28 April 2014Enlisted (E7 & below)WG-6912-07Excepted, Statewide
RRB, Raleigh28 April 2014Officer (O1 - O3)GS-0201-09Excepted, Statewide
G4, Raleigh19 May 2014Officer (O1-O2)GS-0343-09Excepted, Statewide
CSMS, Raleigh19 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & below); Warrant Officer (CW2 & below)WG-5801-10Excepted, Statewide
AASF #1, Morrisville5 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)WG-8852-12Excepted, Statewide
FMS #11, Fayetteville8 May 2014Enlisted (E6 & above); Warrant Officer (CW3 & below)WG-5801-12Excepted, Statewide
449th TAB, Morrisville12 May 2014Enlisted; Warrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-0346-09Excepted, Statewide
MATES, Ft. Bragg30 April 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)WG-5801-11Current On-Board Technicians Only
AASF #2, Salisbury5 May 2014Enlisted (E6 & below)WG-3806-10Excepted, Statewide
J9-EEC, Raleigh16 May 2014Enlisted (E6-E8)GS-0201-09Excepted, Statewide
J9-EEC, Charlotte16 May 2014Enlisted (E6-E8)GS-0201-09Excepted, Statewide
J9-EEC, Raleigh16 May 2014Officer (O2-O4)GS-0201-11Excepted, Statewide
CSMS, Raleigh8 May 2014Enlisted (E6 & below)WG-3306-10Excepted, Statewide
FMS #5, Charlotte5 May 2014Enlisted (E6 & below)WG-6904-06Excepted, Statewide
FMS #9, Greensboro8 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & above); Warrant Officer (CW3 & below)WS-5801-10Excpeted, Statewide
MATES, Ft. Bragg19 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)WG-5801-10Excepted, Statewide
AASF #1, Morrisville14 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)WG-8852-10Excepted, Statewide
2-130th AOB, Ft. Bragg16 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & below)GS-0203-07Excepted, Statewide
G4, Raleigh19 May 2014Enlisted (E8 & below); Warrant Officer (CW2 & below)GS-0343-09Excepted, Statewide

 Air Guard Technician Vacancies

145th AW, Charlotte21 April 2014Enlisted (E7 &below)GS-2185-09Excepted, Nationwide
145th AW, Charlotte21 April 2014Enlisted (E7 &below)GS-2185-09Excepted, Nationwide
145th AW, Charlotte14 May 2014EnlistedGS-1801-09Excepted, Statewide
145th AW, Charlotte30 April 2014EnlistedGS-1152-09Current On-Board Technicians Only
145th AW, Charlotte16 May 2014OfficerGS-0132-12Excepted, Statewide
145th AW, Charlotte19 May 2014OfficerGS-2181-12/13Excepted, Nationwide

 Army AGR Vacancies

Recruiting and Retention NCONCARNG RRB (Various duty locations Statewide)30 June 2014SFC/E7 (Minimum SPC/E4 with WLC)
Admin Assistant, 42A2OJFHQ-NC/ Raleigh, NC 276077 April 2014SGT/E5 (Minimum: SPC/E4)
Personnel/ Admin NCO, 15R3OCO D, 1st BN 130th AVN/ Morrisville, NC 2756018 April 2014SSG/E6 (Minimum: SGT/E5)
Military/Personnel/Pay Clerk/Typist/Technician, 42A2ONGNC-HRO-AGR, Raleigh, NC 2760726 April 2014SGT/E5 (Minimum: SPC/E4)
Human Resource SGT, 42A2OJFHQ-G1 Automated Boards/ Raleigh, NC 2760728 April 2014SGT/E5 (Minimum: SPC/E4)
Logistics/Supply NCO, 92Y3O2-130th AOB/ Fort Bragg, NC08 May 2014SSG/E6 (minimum: SGT/E5)
Personnel/Admin NCO, 92Y2OHHC (-) 30TH ABCT/ Clinton, NC08 May 2014SGT/E5 (Minimum: SPC/E4)
DET Readiness NCO, 88M3O732nd DET 1 FSC (HIMARS)/ Roxboro, NC08 May 2014SSG/E6 (Minimum: SGT/E5)
Logistics/Supply NCO, 92Y2OCO B 3D BN, 20th SFG (A)/ Roanoke Rapids, NC16 May 2014SSG/E6 (Minimum: SGT/E5)
Training NCO, 31B3OHHC 105th MP BN/ Asheville, NC14 May 2014SSG/E6 (minimum: SGT/E5)
Property Book NCO, 92Y2OHHC 113TH SUS BDE/ Greensboro, NC22 May 2014SGT/E5 (Mínimum: SPC/E4)

 Air Force AGR Vacancies

Commander232d Operations Squadron/ Creech AFB, NV26 February 2014LT Col/ O-5
Security Forces Journeyman, 3P051145th Airlift Wing17 April 2014SSgt/ E5
Security Forces Craftsman (ON BOARD AGR ONLY)145 SFS/ Charlotte, NC12 May 2014TSgt/E6

 ADOS Vacancies

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 AGR Nationwide

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 Army ADOS/Title 10 Vacancies

Human Resource Specialist T-10.pdf
Checked Out To: McKinnon, Christopher W SGT MIL NG NCARNGHuman Resource Specialist T-10.pdf
Checked Out To: McKinnon, Christopher W SGT MIL NG NCARNG
ARNG Human Resources SpecialistE5/E642AArlington, VA3/7/2014
T10 AGR Open Tour Announcement (Commissioned) 03MAR13.pdf
T10 AGR Open Tour Announcement MAJ/O-4 (CPT/O-3 with HCM exception)Worldwide12/31/2015
Title 10 SGA OTOT.pdf
Staff Group Advisor for SGM Academy Nonres CourseE-9ImmaterialFort Bliss, TX3/5/2014
USARCENT Senior Enlisted Guard AdvisorE9ImmaterialShaw Air Force Base, SC3/10/2014
WTC CSM extension.pdf
Command Sergent Major for ARNG Warrior Training CenterE9Immaterialfort Benning, GA3/12/2014
See"WTC CSM extention"3/12/2014

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