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Human Resources Office
The Human Resources Office (HRO) is responsible for coordinating human resource policy, practices, and procedures as they relate to full-time federal employees in the North Carolina National Guard. The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date information to the full-time members of the Army and Air National Guard.

 Army Tech Vacancies

CSMS, RaleighEnlisted (E6 & below)WG-4102-08Excepted, Statewide22 Apr 15
210th MP Co, FranklinEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-0203-06Excepted, Statewide22 Apr 15
G6, RaleighOfficer (O4 - O5)GS-2210-13Excepted, Statewide23 Apr 15
G4, RaleighOfficer (O1-O2)GS-0343-09Excepted, Statewide23 Apr 15
USPFO-DPI, RaleighEnlisted; Warrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-2210-09Excepted,Statewide23 Apr 15
878th EN CO, Forest CityEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-2005-06Excepted, Statewide24 Apr 15
CSMS, RaleighEnlisted (E7 only)WS-3401-10Current On-Board Technicians Only30 Apr 15
J9, RaleighEnlisted (E6 & above); Officer (O3 & below)GS-0560-09Excepted, Statewide07 May 15
AASF #1, MorrisvilleWarrant Officer (CW2-CW4); Officer (O4 & below)GS-2181-13Excepted, Statewide07 May 15
130th MEB, CharlotteEnlisted (E5 - E7)GS-0346-09Excepted, Statewide07 May 15
G4, RaleighEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-2005-07Excepted, Statewide14 May 15

 Air Tech Vacancies

G6, RaleighOfficer (O4 - O5)GS-2210-13Excepted, Statewide23 Apr 15
145th AW, CharlotteOfficerGS-2181-12/13Excepted, Nationwide24 Apr 15
145th AMXSEnlisted, WS-8801-14Excepted, Current On-Board24 Apr 15
145th LRS, CharlotteEnlistedWG-6907-06Excepted, Statewide27 Apr 15
145th MAI SQ, CharlotteEnlisted118th ASOS, New LondonExcepted, Statewide27 Apr 15
145th AW, CharlotteEnlistedGS-0640-08Excepted, Statewide11 May 15
145th LRS, CharlotteEnlistedGS-2005-10Excepted, Statewide11 May 15
145th LRS, CharlotteEnlistedGS-2005-07Excepted, Statewide13 May 15
145th AW, CharlotteEnlistedWG-5378-10Excepted, Statewide13 May 15
145th MAI SQ, CharlotteEnlistedWG-8852-10Excepted, Nationwide14 May 15
145th LRS, CharlotteEnlistedGS-2005-07Excepted, Statewide14 May 15

 Army AGR

AGR-FTM 2015-19Logisitics NCO92Y,MUST BE MOS QUALIFIED42nd Civil Support Team (WMD)Greenville, NCSFC/E7 (SSG/E6) (ON BOARD AGR ONLY)25 Apr 15
AGR-FTM 2015-20Training NCO18 Series, MUST BE MOSQB 1-20th SFG (A)Albemarle, NCSSG/E6 (SGT/E5)26 Apr 15
AGR-FTM 2015-21Readiness NCO18 SeriesB1 20th SFG (A)Albemarle, NCSFC/E7 (SSG/E6)02 May 15
AGR-FTM 2015-14Recruiting and Retention NCO ImmaterialNCARNG REC & RET BNVarious Duty Locations StatewideSFC/E7 (SPC/E4 with WLC)30 Jun 15

 Air AGR

ANG-AGR 2015-09Training Technician3S2X1263rd CBCSNew London, NCMSgt/E-701 May 15
ANG-AGR 2015-10Contracting Specialist6C091145th Airlift WingCharlotte, NCSMSgt/E-808 May 15

 Title 10/Nationwide

NWA AGR-FTM 2015-023Emergency Management Superintendent3E991153rd Civil Engineering SquadronCheyenne, WYMSG/E-8 (SFC/E-7)05 May 15
NWA AGR-FTM 2015-024Flight Services Specialist1C771153rd Operations Support SquadronCheyenne, WYE-7 (Minimum E-5)07 May 15
NWA AGR-FTM 2015-027Aviation Resource Management1C072143rd Operations Support SquadronNorth Kingston, RIE707 May 15
NWA AGR-FTM 2015-025Commander, 153rd CACS13B,13N,13S,17D, and 17S153rd Command and Control SquadronCheyenne, WYO-5 (O-4 Promotable to O-5)12 May 15
NWA AGR-FTM 2015-026Security Forces Craftsman3P071153rd Security Forces SquadronCheyenne, WYE-6 (Minimum E-5)12 May 15
NWA AGR-FTM 2015-028NewCheif of Cyber System3D100153rd Command and Control SquadronCheyenne, WYE-9 (E-8)19 May 15
T10-130314-01T10 AGR Open TourImmaterialWorldwideMAJ/O4 (CPT/O3 w/ HCM Exception)31 Dec 15


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 HRO Links and Assistance

Presentation assisting with writing federal resumes.

HR Specialists want to see the details of your assignments, deployment, accomplishments, and areas of responsibility. Your resume has to PROVE that you have the Specialized Experience for a particular job – as stated in the vacancy announcement. The resume also has to PROVE that you have the Knowledge Skills and Abilities required for performance. This is why the federal résumé averages 4 pages, instead of the typical 2-page private industry resume. Do NOT plagiarize and write in 1st person when possible (I conducted.../I performed...). Upload college transcript for positions where education can be credited for specialized experience.
Assistance with applying to an AGR Position
To assist in the Administrative Qualification (some steps may be NA for Admin
Qual) and Certification processes.

 EEO Training Evaluation (Maintenance Edition)

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