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Human Resources Office
The Human Resources Office (HRO) is responsible for coordinating human resource policy, practices, and procedures as they relate to full-time federal employees in the North Carolina National Guard. The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date information to the full-time members of the Army and Air National Guard.

 Army Tech Vacancies

G3-MOB RDNS, RaleighOfficer (O2-O5)GS-0301-11Excepted, Statewide05 Jan 15
USPFO, RaleighEnlisted (E6 & above); Warrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-1102-11Excepted, Nationwide05 Jan 15
G4, RaleighEnlisted (E6 & below)GS-2005-05Excepted, Statewide05 Jan 15
G3-MOB RDNS, RaleighEnlisted (E9 only); Warrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-0346-09Excepted, Statewide05 Jan 15
FMS 8, High PointEnlisted (E8 and below) and Warrant (CW2 and below)WL-5801-10Excepted, Current On-board Technicians Only05 Jan 15
USPFO, RaleighWarrant Officer; Officer (O5 & below)GS-2210-13Excepted, Statewide08 Jan 15
G4, RaleighWarrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-0341-09Excepted, Statewide08 Jan 15
30 ABCT, ClintonEnlisted (E6 and above); Warrant (W01-W03); Officer (O1-O3)GS-0346-09Excepted, Statewide12 Jan 15
FMS 8, High PointEnlisted (E8 and below); Warrant (CW2 and below)GS-1152-09Excepted, Statewide12 Jan 15
FMS 11, FayettevilleEnlisted; Warrant (CW2 and below)WG-5801-11Excepted, Statewide12 Jan 15
AASF 2, SalisburyEnlisted (E6 and below)WG-8852-10Excepted, Statewide12 Jan 15
Camp Butner Training Site, ButnerEnlisted (E7 and below)GS-1702-07Excepted, Statewide12 Jan 15
AASF 1, MorrisvilleEnlisted (E8 and below); Warrant (CW2 and below)GS-2102-08Excepted, Statewide12 Jan 15

 Air Tech Vacancies

145th CMPT FLT, CharlotteOfficer (Also a commissioning opportunity)GS-0560-12Excpeted, Nationwide05 Jan 15
USPFO, RaleighEnlisted (E6 & above); Warrant Officer; Officer (O3 & below)GS-1102-11Excepted, Nationwide05 Jan 15

 Army AGR

AGR-FTM 2015-09Officer Strength Manager01ANCARNG, Recruiting and RetentionRaleigh, NC CPT/O322 Dec 14
AGR-FTM 2015-10Section Leader74A42nd Civil Support TeamGreenville, NC CPT/O322 Dec 14
AGR-FTM 2015-11Access Control Specialist00F2OJFHQ-NC-HHDRaleigh, NC SGT/E5 (SPC/E4)24 Dec 14
AGR-FTM 2014-52Recruiting and Retention NCOImmaterialNCARNG REC & RET BNVarious Duty Locations StatewideSFC/E7 (SPC/E4 with WLC)31 Dec 14
AGR-FTM 2015-12Supply NCO92Y2OHHB (-) 5TH BN 113TH FALouisburg, NCSGT/E5 (SPC/E4 w/WLC)02 Jan 15
AGR-FTM 2015-13Personnel/Admin/Med42A2OHHC 505TH ENGR BNGastonia, NCSGT/E5 (SPC/E4)13 Jan 15

 Air AGR

ANG-AGR 2014-25Human Resources Specialist3S0X1,3S2X1,3S3X1145th FSS, Family ReadinessCharlotte, NCTSgt/E-616 Jan 15
ANG-AGR 2014-26Training Technician3S0X1, 3S2X1, 3S3X1145TH FSSCharlotte, NCMSgt/E-716 Jan 15
ANG-AGR 2014-27Airplane Flight Instructor11MX, 11RX,11SXHQ145TH Airlift WingCharlotte, NCMajor/O416 Jan 15
ANG-AGR 2014-28Safety and Occupational Health Specialist1S0XX145TH Airlift Wing/SECharlotte, NCMSgt/E-716 Jan 15

 Title 10/Nationwide

NWA AGR-FTM 2015-004Physician Assistant65D (65A, 66H)84th Civil Support TeamCheyenne, WyomingMAJ/O-4 - 2LT/O-123 Dec 14
T10-20141014-01Aviation and Safety Division Chief15A or 67JNGBArlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA COL/O631 Dec 14
T10-20141014-02OSAA Commander15BOperational Support Airlift Agency (OSAA)Fort Belvoir, VACOL/O6 (LTC/O5 Prom)31 Dec 14
T10-130314-01T10 AGR Open TourImmaterialWorldwideMAJ/O4 (CPT/O3 w/ HCM Exception)31 Dec 15


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 HRO Links and Assistance

Presentation assisting with writing government resumes
Assistance with applying to an AGR Position
Assistance and information about the Officer Employment Program
To assist in the Administrative Qualification (some steps may be NA for Admin
Qual) and Certification processes.