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AGR Procedures

AGR Procedures
II. The Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) program is active duty employment with the North Carolina National Guard. All positions require military membership in the North Carolina National Guard as a condition of employment. Positions are available for both the Army and Air National Guard.
WHO CAN APPLY: Some positions are only open to current on-board AGR soldiers within the state of North Carolina. Other positions are open for fill for “New Hires” and anyone who meets the basic requirements as listed on the announcement.
HOW TO APPLY: Mail applications to JFHQ-NC-HRO-MD, 4105 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-6410. Applications received later than 1500 hours on the closing date will not be considered. NO action will be taken on applications received after the closing date. Emailed applications will not be accepted. Applications may not be mailed using government-supplied envelopes or postage. If not selected, only non-selection letters will be sent to applicants. Applications will not be returned.
Submit the following:
Applicants other than AGR: Submit NGB Form 34-1 dated 5 Nov 2010 (Previous editions will not be accepted), ensuring that the POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT # AND POSITION TITLE are indicated in the first blocks below the Privacy Act Statement. Application must contain original signature – photocopies or facsimiles will not be accepted. Include the following supporting documents (NO BINDERS PLEASE):
  • Official military photograph in Class A. Officers only
  • Certified copy DA Form 2-1, or ERB, must include ASVAB scores
  • Personnel Qualification Record (PQR) for National Guard applicants
  • DA Form 705 (Must have successfully completed an APFT within the last 12 months.)
  • Most recent physical examination (DD Form 2808 & 2807-1 or PHA)
  • DA Form 7349-R, Annual Medical Certificate (Part I only) (MUST BE WITHIN 30 DAYS current)
  • Last three Officer Efficiency Reports (DA Form 67-8/9) or NCO Evaluation Reports (DA Form 2166-7). Newly promoted SGT/E5′s and SPC/E4′s must submit a letter of recommendation or performance evaluation from commander or senior NCO.
  • Copy of DA Form 705, APFT Scorecard, reflecting latest APFT completed within the last 12 months.
  • Statement of Active Service such as:
    • NGB Form 23
    • NGB Form 23B/RPAS (Retirement Points Accounting Statement) National Guard applicants
    • DA Form 1506 Applications without all required supporting documents will be returned without consideration.
US Government postage and envelopes may not be used for submitting applications.
APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews. After recommendation is approved by the Adjutant General, the president of the selection board will contact all applicants to notify them of selection or non-selection. This office will also confirm selection or non-selection by memorandum.
QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Will vary by job type. Some are Admin, Supply and Training, etc. Some positions may be filled by both males and females. Other positions may be open to only males. Job announcements will specify this requirement and all required qualifications will be listed.
  1. Occupants of this positions must maintain continuous military membership in the North Carolina National Guard (NCNG). NCNG status (military grade, MTOE or TDA assignment, MOS/SSI/AFSC, military unit) and experience must be entered on the application. The recommended applicant will not be approved for appointment until they occupy a compatible MOS/AFSC in the NCNG.
  2. The applicant selected for this position will be required to participate in the Direct Deposit/Electronic Transfer Program.
  3. The recommended applicant will not be approved for appointment until the appropriate physical examination is completed.
MILITARY ASSIGNMENT: Assignment to a compatible Enlisted/Officer/Warrant Officer position in NCNG is mandatory. (Compatible MOS/AFSC will be indicated for specific position).
EVALUATION FACTORS USED: Review of individual applications and personal interviews.
PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: must participate with unit, performing the duties outlined in the Full-Time Manning position description to the maximum extent possible, during all periods of IDT and AT in the prescribed military uniform. This is the basic statement on all vacancies each will have their own duties and responsibilities thereon.
  • North Carolina National Guard military center is located at 4105 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27607. (Off Blue Ridge Road – near the State Fair grounds, Museum of Art)
  • Phone number of main switchboard is 919/664-6000.
  • Copies of individual job announcements can be found at the North Carolina National Guard Military Center (HRO Office) or posted at all National Guard Armories in the state of North Carolina.
  • Specific questions regarding military membership in the NC National Guard can be answered by calling the National Guard Recruiting office at 1-800-GO-GUARD.
  • The NC National Guard is an equal opportunity employer