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Marketing AssistantImmaterialNCARNG REC and RET BNStatewideSGT/E5 (SPC/E4)14 Nov 14
Recruiter AssistantImmaterialNCARNG REC and RET BNStatewideSGT/E5 (SPC/E4)14 Nov 14
NAOC National Airborne Operations Reconstitution Team CuOpsImmaterialNational Airborne Operations Center (NAOC)Offutt AFB, NEMAJ/O414 Nov 14
Training NCO89B3OHHC 230TH BSB,Goldsboro, NCSSG/E6 (Mínimum: SGT/E5)17 Nov 14
Support Services Specialist3S071, 3DXXX, 3S0XX118th ASOSNew LondonTSgt20 Nov 14
Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T) ImmaterialPTAEStatewideSFC/E7 (SGT/E5)21 Nov 14
ARNG Staff Chaplain01ANGBArlington, VACOL/O6 (LTC/O5)28 Nov 14
Bilateral Affairs OfficerImmaterialJFHQ-J5 (SPP)Raleigh, NCCPT/O3 (Current on board AGR ONLY)01 Dec 14
Training NCO, 91H3O91H3OCO D 1ST BN 120TH INF RGElizabethtown, NCSSG/E6, (Mínimum: SGT/E5)09 Dec 14
Trainging NCO91H3OCO F (-) 230TH BSBRed Springs, NCSSG/E6 (SGT/E5)09 Dec 14
Human Resources Assistant3S0XX, 3S20XX145 MXSCharlotte, NCTSgt/E-612 Dec 14
Basic Branch Recruiter001ANCARNG, Recruiting and RetentionRaleighCW2/W220 Dec 14
Officer Strength ManagerIN, FA, and ARNCARNG, Recruiting and RetentionRaleighCPT/O322 Dec 14
Officer Strength Manager01ANCARNG, Recruiting and RetentionRaleigh, NC CPT/O322 Dec 14
Section Leader74A42nd Civil Support TeamGreenville, NC CPT/O322 Dec 14
Physician Assistant65D (65A, 66H)84th Civil Support TeamCheyenne, WyomingMAJ/O-4 - 2LT/O-123 Dec 14
Recruiting and Retention NCOImmaterialNCARNG REC & RET BNVarious Duty Locations StatewideSFC/E7 (SPC/E4 with WLC)31 Dec 14
Aviation and Safety Division Chief15A or 67JNGBArlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA COL/O631 Dec 14
OSAA Commander15BOperational Support Airlift Agency (OSAA)Fort Belvoir, VACOL/O6 (LTC/O5 Prom)31 Dec 14
T10 AGR Open TourImmaterialWorldwideMAJ/O4 (CPT/O3 w/ HCM Exception)31 Dec 15